Planting trees

We help plant trees with every item sold.

Trees For Survival

Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme which involves young people growing & planting native trees to restore natural habitats, revegetating erosion prone land, improving stream flow, water quality and increasing biodiversity. 

We're proudly donating 10% of profits - doing our little bit to support our local environment, schools, and businesses.

But that's not all! Our patches and keyrings are made from 100% organic cotton and tree-derived rayon thread. Rayon thread (made from wood fibre) is a stronger and longer lasting thread, but still made from a renewable source. Despite this, trees are still being forested in order to produce our thread.
We also use air freight when shipping overseas & to the corners of New Zealand.
During air freight, 1kg of aeroplane fuel is equal to 3grams of COemitted into our atmosphere. A plane uses 4 litres of fuel per second, and during an average flight of 10 hours, 150,000 litres is used. This emits a whopping 474kg of  COinto our  atmosphere.

We combat & offset this, we're helping plant trees, locally - with local students. 
 We've partnered with Trees for Survival, donating 10% of profits to supporting our local do-gooders!